Lectures will take place between Sunday afternoon, Febuary 19, to Thursday morning, Febuary 23. We expect to have plenty of time for thorough discussions (and debates!).

Schedule at a glance:
The registration and all sessions, including lunches and coffee breaks, will take place at the Maison de France (see Givat Ram campus map).
Only the welcome reception on Sunday February 19th will take place at the IAS (Feldman building).


Sunday 19.2.12, Afternoon:        Lee Segel memorial tutorial in theoretical immunology
Chairs: Mira Barda-Saad and Yoram Louzoun 
14:15-15:00        Nir Friedman                Immunology for theoreticians
15:00-16:00        Rob de Boer                Modeling basics for immunologists
coffee break
16:30-17:30        Yanay Ofran                 Immunoinformatics basics for immunologists
17:30-18:00        Ramit Mehr                 The complexity of lymphocyte repertoires

Sunday 19.2.11, Evening:        Welcome Reception

Monday 20.2.12, Morning:        Dynamics of Lymphocytes and their repertoires
Chairs: Becca Asquith and Miles Davenport
08:45-09:00                Welcome remarks
09:00-09:45        Rob de Boer:                Efficient T cell recruitment critically depends on lymph node
09:45-10:30        Mike Cancro:                Resolve, revise, and relax: The 3 Rs of B cell repertoire
coffee break        
11:00-11:45        Vitaly Ganusov:        Rapid recirculation of migrating lymphocytes between blood,
lung, and liver
11:45-12:30        Philip Hodgkin:        The quest for a quantitative model of the adaptive immune
response: Are we close?
12:30-12 :45        Stanca Ciupe        The role of e-antigen in immunological tolerance and activation
                                        during HBV infection
Group Photo  + Lunch

Monday 20.2.12, Afternoon:
        T cells and their repertoires
Chairs: Rob de Boer & Paolo Ubezio
14:15-15:00        Nir Friedman:        Organizing principles of the T cell receptor beta repertoire as
revealed by high-throughput sequencing
15:00-15:45        Robin Callard:         T cell receptor repertoire estimated from multidimensional
amino acid properties encoded by the CDR3 region        
15:45-16:00        Wilfred Ndifon        An immunosignature of health in mice and humans and its
                                        generative mechanism
16:00-16:30                coffee break
16:30-17:15        Mira Barda-Saad:        Downregulation of WASp and changes in T cell cytoskeleton are
essential for actin homoeostasis and the immune response
17:15-18:00        Omer Dushek:        Ultrasensitivity in membrane-anchored proteins: implications for
immune receptors

Monday 20.2.11, Evening:        Poster Session

Tuesday 21.2.11, Morning:        B cells and their repertoires
Chairs: Francesca Chiodi and Uri Hershberg
08:45-09:30        Deborah Dunn-Walters:         IGH repertoire: distinguishing characteristics of different B
cell populations
09:30-10:15        Yanay Ofran:                        Computational Identification of B-cell Epitopes
10:15-10:30        Gregory Schwartz                Measuring immune repertoire diversity by genetic
                                                sequence fragment quantification
10:30-11:00                coffee break
11:00-11:45        Andrew Collins:                Individual variation in germline immunoglobulin genes
generates individual variation in the B cell repertoire        
11:45-12:30        Aleksandra Walczak:        Quantifying the diversity of antibody receptors        

Tuesday 21.2.11, Afternoon:        Tour of Jerusalem and conference dinner        

Wednesday 22.2.11, Morning:        More B cells / NK cells and their repertoires
Chairs: Deborah Dunn-Walters and Andrew Collins 
08:45-09:30        Uri Hershberg:        Diversity is Key - Using repertoire signatures to determine
functional relationship of repertoire diversity and immune function
09:30-10:15        Gur Yaari:                Bayesian estimation of antigen driven selection in high-
throughput Immunoglobulin sequencing datasets
10:15-10:30        Benyamin Rosental         Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen promotes cancer survival
                                        through inhibition of NKp44-mediated NK cell attack.
10:30-11:00                coffee break
11:00-11:45        Klas Kärre:                 TBA
11:45-12:30        Ramit Mehr:                Modeling NK cell repertoire development and activation


Wednesday 22.2.11, Afternoon:
         Lymphocyte repertoires in diseases - I
                                        Chairs: Klas Kärre & Phil Hodgkin  
14:15-15:00        Yoram Louzoun:        Viruses and Bacteria selectively mutate their CD8+ T cell
epitopes to modulate the immune response                
15:00-15:45        Francesca Chiodi:        B cell dysfunctions during HIV-1 infection: mechanisms
and altered homeostasis
15:45-16:00        Yaakov Maman        CTL epitope removal occurs in selected proteins and
                                        selected reading-frames in viruses and bacteria
coffee break                                        
16:30-17:15        Becca Asquith:         
Efficiency of the CD8+ T cell response to persistent virus
17:15-18:00        Miles Davenport:         Plus ça change: Stability versus turnover in the TCR
Free evening

Thursday 23.2.11, Morning:        Lymphocyte repertoires in diseases - II
                                        Chairs: Nir Friedman & Ramit Mehr        
08:45-09:30        Paolo Ubezio:        Time-lapse live imaging and flow cytometry as data sources
for modelling cell proliferation
09:30-10:15        Avidan Neumann:        Modeling BK polyoma virus kinetics and immune response to it
post kidney transplantation elucidates dynamical differences in
T-cell response to different antigens
10:15-10:30        Nina Babel                Newly established T-cell receptor repertoire analysis by high-
                                throughput sequencing allows for T-cell tracking and differential
                                 diagnosis of T-cell related diseases             
10:30-11:00                coffee break
11:00-11:45        Tom Kepler:                Mutation, Selection, and Affinity Maturation in a Reconstructed
B-Cell Clonal Lineage
11:45-12:30        Irun Cohen:                The natural autoantibody repertoire in newborns and adults

Lunch and Departure

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